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SEPT. 30 - DEC. 15

Morristown & Morris Township Library
1 Miller Road, 
Morristown, NJ



About The Lighthouse Exhibit

The Lighthouse: The Morris Merger, Integration and NJ’s Historic Supreme Court Decision tells the story of eight plaintiffs who bravely placed their names on a lawsuit (Jenkins v. The Township of Morris School District and Board of Education) to help prevent segregated schools from being a permanent fixture in American society.


Beatrice Jenkins, Cliff Burton, Charles C. “Moose” Jamison, Jr., Theodore King, Valerie Kowalski, Lloyd Newberry, Inge Nierenberg, and Ernestine Ritchie uplifted the goals of the landmark decision Brown v. Board of Education. The exhibit highlights what came before the merger as it is just as important as what came after. As the Jenkins decision notes, true integration that begins in schools has reverberating effects that help displace racial intolerance and the polarization of political attitudes.

But there is still work to do. Classrooms around the country are as segregated now as they were before Brown even though schoolchildren are more racially and ethnically diverse than ever. Half of all students attend schools in which more than three-quarters of their peers are of the same race. Simply knowing each other and knowing history has redemptive power to heal divisions.

Candace Kelley, J.D., M.S., Curator

Stan Cain Design, LLC, Exhibit Designer

“Unlike Morris Township, Morristown is attractive to lower income families. In the realities of the situation, this pattern means that Morristown will continue to attract Blacks and others unable to afford housing in the Township, while the township will attract middle and upper-middle income white families.”

          Order of the Commissioner of Education in the matter of Beatrice M. Jenkins, et al., v.

          Board of Education of the Township of Morris, et al., Morris County, July 29, 1971

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September 30 - October 2, 2022

A Weekend of Events




Private exhibit opening and cocktail reception at the Morristown & Morris Township Public Library.

Take part in Student led tours of Morristown High School from 11am-2pm. The Homecoming Game begins at 2pm.

Enjoy a festival celebration and learn more about the Morris School District and the mission of the Morris Educational Foundation.

The Morristown

New Jersey

African American

Film Project

Support a dynamic film project that captures the story of how Morristown has benefited from its rich heritage of people from diverse backgrounds who worked for equal opportunities including those in the field of education. 

The Morristown

New Jersey

African American

Film Project

This compilation of shorts by Quest at Frelinghuysen Middle examines a number of topics including the 50th anniversary of the Morris School District Integration. Begins at 11:13.

Maple Avenue School.jpg
A class outside of Morristown's Maple Avenue School in 1886, after a law was passed that allowed Blacks to attend school there instead of a Colored Schoolhouse.
Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 10.32.46 PM.jpeg
Morristown High School in 1930.
Maple Avenue School.jpg
Estelle Walker, top right, the first Black female to
graduate from Morristown High School in 1897.
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